With 25 years Cabinet Making & design experiance,  We are able to offer the customer a professional no frills option to upkeeeping your kitchen.

Whether you are a Landlord needing to maintain a faulty corner cabinet door, or a tenant needing to fix a cracked or damaged kicker face or broken drawer runner.

There is no need to spend exceptional amounts of money.

Few if any Quality Cabinet makers neither have the time nor want the work of a minor kitchen repair.

Cairns Kitchen Repairs & renovations  specialises in the small jobs that the others dont have time and do not want to service.

* Sagging doors

* Replacing Old Benchtops

* Broken drawer fronts.

* Rusted and worn hinges.



Cairns Kitchen Repairs & Renovations  caters to those not requiring the full "custom design- award winning- latest technology-cutting edge " Kitchen.
We do however specialise in exceptional customer service & quality workmanship & provide a low cost alternative to those seeking a simple but effective and stylish kitchen.

Of course we also understand that some kitchens have just well and trully passed thier used by date and no amount of TLC will bring back to life that rotting old relic thats keeping your property value down.

For this reason we also provide a full kitchen replacement service.

From the demolition of your old kitchen including organising the dissconection of plumbing and electrical services.

Cairns Kitchen Repairs & Renovations is able to offer a full refit option including detailed CAD drawings and project management.